Our Story

So many songs – so little time.  Great music lifts the spirit, creates memories and lightens life’s burdens.  On a stormy winter’s day, this concept really came home to us.  Jan and I were trying to catch the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.  Numerous sailings had been canceled and there was a long wait.  We decided to pass the time by singing and playing guitar in a quiet corner.  Before long people were gathered around.  Two women, on a road trip, were so happy that we knew all the words to the songs they had been trying to remember.  When our sailing was finally called a woman came up to us to thank us.  She had been taking the ferry every Saturday for weeks as her father was dying of brain cancer and she was on her way to see him.  She said this was the first trip when she had not been overwhelmed with sadness.

This is what music means to us.  We enjoy playing, singing and sharing music with others.


About us

Our neighbours can testify that on any given summer evening you can hear live music coming from our front porch.  Singing around the campfire or playing in an intimate concert setting, music is what we do together.  We would like to share it with you.


Sig Reuter


Singer /Songwriter/guitar player

Music, cars, and family are the three most important things in Sig’s life.  Many of his songs reference his love of cars – he just can’t help himself.






Jan Reuter

Muse, back up singer and manager

Jan has been told she has the voice of an angel.   You can find Jan singing while doing the dishes, weeding the garden or driving the car.  Blending her voice with Sig’s baritone makes her happy.